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The new pocket mobile phone jammer is the most sophisticated Digital Cellular Mobile Phone Jammer of a mobile device to help you keep away from noise or disturbance of cellular phone calls. It can form an electromagnetism protection field around the user, thus prevent mobile phone from receiving and transmitting the mobile signals to the base station; thus it can prevent the secret information leakage through your mobile phone, and also eliminate the noise pollution. The mobile phone jammers are now a necessity for law enforcement and private places to interrupt communications by criminals and terrorists, and also for accomplishing a more cultured society.

Specification : 

* SK-12A Pocket Mobile Phone Jammer

* Jamming Area:Up to 15meters(1.6 Feet to 50 Feet) (Depends on signal strength, at
   the site to be jammed) Coolest and lowest priced pocket mobile phone jammer
   on the market.

* Portable, Small, Compact and Robust.

* Battery or Mains compatible.

* To keep you away from noise or disturbance of unexpected phone calls or text
   messages (SMS)

* Worldwide compatible.

* To block cellular phone communication links within an effective area.

* No transmissions or receptions of cellular phone calls in coverage area.

* All specified frequency bands will be blocked simultaneously.

* For using at meeting rooms, museums, galleries, theatres, churches, temples,
   class rooms, training centers, factories, banks, trains, oil stations, etc.

* Easy to operate.


When the battery runs down, if the switch is kept at ?on?, the battery will be over discharge and will damage the battery. Please set the on/off Switch at ?off? and connect the switching power adaptor to charge this unit for 7hrs. Battery will be over charged if you keep on charging it without using that will also damage battery. The producer accepts no liability for the damage caused by the over discharge or charge. Be sure to connect all the antennas firstly before the power supply is switch on. Please do not take off antennas when the machine is working. 
Antennas shall be used vertical to the ground, working more efficiently. 
Please don?t put the jammer in the water and fire to avoid using in the bad. Condition of over-wet, over-hot, high-voltage and high magnetism. After charging the cell phone jammer you will see a red LED light, however please recharge the Cell Phone Jammer two more times for full battery charging.
The jamming area is influenced by the location of the cell tower and the obstacles between cell tower & the cell phone jammer. It means that in normal condition if the distance is close between the cell tower & the cell phone jammer, it will have very less jamming area. Likewise, if there are obstacles & walls between the cell tower & the cell phone, the cell phone jammer will give less jamming area.
Any ruin and disrepair caused by incorrect operation and disassembly will exclude from the repair with free of charge.

About the battery: 

If the green LED does not light up after turn the power switch, it means the battery runs down. Connect the switching power adaptor to continue the jamming and to recharge the battery at the same time. It will take about 7 hours to full charge the battery under power off condition. If recharge under power on condition, it will takes about 36 hours to full charge the battery. In long term continuous use, it had better to remove the plug of switching power adaptor from this device once six months. Let this device use battery power for 1-2hrs, and then connect with switching power adaptor again. This will re-fresh the battery and keep the battery in good condition. If you are not going to use this device for a long time, please set the On/Off switch at ?Off? and check the battery power once three months.

Spy Pocket Mobile Phone Jammer in Mumbai
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Spy Pocket Mobile Phone Jammer in Mumbai Spy Pocket Mobile Phone Jammer in Mumbai Spy Pocket Mobile Phone Jammer in Mumbai
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